BWA UV Sterilizer box
A product with new cleaning methods and standards 
To protect health in details.
Lead a new clean state of urban life. 
High efficiency sterilization - the interior is sterilized by ultra-violet lamp; and the sterilization rate can reach 99.9%.

Mobile phone wireless fast charging - as long as the power supply is connected, the mobile phone can be put on the box to realize the fast charging, that is, put and charge, safe and wireless. 
Product introduction
Just put the items to be sterilized into the box, cover the lid, connect the power supply with the USB socket, press the button on the front of the box, the indicator light is on, and then the sterilization begins. After sterilization, the indicator light will automatically go out. There is almost no noise and low disturbance in the whole process. 
Magnetic induction design, when the cover is opened, the ultraviolet light automatically closes, when the cover is closed, the magnetic induction automatically works. If the lid of the box is opened accidentally in the process of sterilization, the ultraviolet sterilization will automatically close to avoid the ultraviolet radiation on the human body. 
Simple classic style, simple atmosphere, full of beauty, can be well integrated with the environment, low-key elegance, bring a cool and intelligent atmosphere around. 
Product Features
Easy to use
Humanized design
Beautiful appearance 
UVC, with a wavelength of 200-280nm, has a bactericidal effect. Its bactericidal principle is that when the ultraviolet light of this band irradiates the bacterial body, the nucleoprotein and DNA of the cell strongly absorb the energy of this band, and the chains between them are opened and broken, so that the bacteria die. 

The UVC has weak penetration ability, and cannot penetrate ordinary glass and plastic. It is suitable for surface sterilization of daily necessities. 

It should be noted that when UVC are strongly applied to the skin, it will produce actinic dermatitis, and will cause actinic ophthalmia when it is applied to the eyes. Therefore, human body should be away from UVC sterilization to avoid possible harm. 
How it works? 
Name:UV Sterilizer Box 
Model: V07 
Input:9V-1.67A 5V-2A QC2.0 & above 
Wireless Output: 10W/7.5W/5W 
External Size: 220*125*59mm 
Internal Size: 200*101*40mm 
Sterilizing Rate: 99.9% 
Sterilizing time: 8 min 
Sterilizer Power: 1W*2PCS 
UV Wavelength: 253.7nm 
Material: PC+ABS 
Weight: 430g 
Suitable for home, work space, hotel and apartment, etc. 

Bring cleanness and comfortability to the environment 
Use scenario