BWA is a brand focusing on clean and healthy lifestyle. We hope to improve the quality of life through clean technology and provide more comfortable experience for people's life. 

At present, the company's products mainly use the sterilization and disinfection function of UVC short wave ultraviolet rays to clean the articles in daily life. Through a higher standard of cleaning, the product can reduce the health threat that may be caused by bacteria. 

The humanized design and careful consideration of the use scenarios make BWA products the good choice for healthy and comfortable life experience. 
About us
Customized and Group purchase
BWA provides a higher standard of cleaning concept and cleaning products, which can bring you and your customers a sense of peace and comfort. In addition to the home environment, we are willing to work with enterprises with a sense of social responsibility to create a new clean life ideal for public spaces such as hotels, apartments, work space, etc. 

Support gift customization and group purchase.
Brand Cooperation
As a new generation of clean life experience brand, BWA is committed to creating more simple and efficient clean solutions for the contemporary urban people. 

We are looking forward to creating a narrative space of high quality life with your brand.